News and Notices

29 August 2019 -Dear Applicants / Representatives/ Travel Agents:

Kindly be informed, the Italy Visa Application Center at Pune and the Italy Visa Application Center at BKC,Mumbai will remain closed on 02 September 2019 on account of Ganesh Chaturthi. Applicants having an appointment at BKC,Mumbai may submit their visa application at the Mahalaxmi Centre with the same appointment letter.

Mumbai and Pune application centers will be operational till 12:00 on 12 September 2019.

Kindly plan your visa submission/ passport collection accordingly.

25 July 2019 -Dear Applicants / Representatives/ Travel Agents:

Kindly be informed, due to maintenance of the server, the online appointment booking system shall not be functional on Saturday 27 July 2019.

08 July 2019 -Dear Applicants / Representatives/ Travel Agents:

Kindly be informed, w.e.f 08 July 2019 the Consulate General of Italy has introduced the following process for applicants wishing to submit their passport for ‘Correction/Cancellation of visa’ or for ‘Transfer of visa from the old passport to the new one’.

  • Applicants residing in Mumbai can visit the Consulate General of Italy directly between 10:00 to 13:00 on working days Monday-Friday.
  • Applicants not residing in Mumbai but are within the jurisdiction of the Consulate, can visit the nearest VFS Italy Centre (except Mumbai) or they can alternately visit the Consulate directly considering the urgency of their travel.
  • The applicant may visit the Consulate personally or may delegate a representative/travel agent with a letter of authority and an ID proof.

    07 June 2019 – With Effect form 10 June 2019, Applicants/ Representatives/Travel Agents will be able to submit their visa application at the new visa application Centers at Puducherry, Tiruvananthapuram & Whitefield (Bangalore). Kindly note, the application centre in Whitefield will be dedicated Premium Lounge centre. Click here

    17 April 2019 – PRE ENROLMENT 2019

    The pre-enrolment for the Academic year 2019-2020 is now open from the 09 April to the 24 July 2019.

    Click on the below link to book your appointment:

    10 April 2019 - Dear Applicants/Representatives/Travel Agents, Kindly be informed that the visa application centers in the West and South jurisdiction will remain close on the below mentioned days on accounts of the General Election held in India.

    Mumbai 29 April
    Ahmedabad 23 April
    Goa 23 April
    Pune 23 April
    Bangalore 18 April
    Chennai 18 April
    Cochin 23 April
    Hyderabad 11 April

    15 March 2019 – Dear Applicants/ Representatives/ Travel Agents, Kindly be informed that applicants who opt to collect their passport at the VFS center in Mumbai are kindly requested to visit the visa application center at Mahalaxmi.

    For Legalisation and translation services the applicants are requested to visit the visa application center at Mahalaxmi.

    15 March 2019 – With Effect form 18 March 2019, Applicants/ Representatives/Travel Agents will be able to submit their visa application at the new visa application Center at Mahalaxmi. Click here

    04 February 2019 – Kindly be informed, if required by the Consulate General of Italy, applicants can be asked to collect their passports personally from the respective VFS Centre and sign up for receipt, regardless of whether a courier service has been asked for.

    25 January 2019 – With Effect from 28 January 2019, applicants can also submit their visa applications to 29 drop boxes located across India if schengen bio metric has been given (Post 02 November 2015) at the following postal visa application centers For more details please click

    28 November 2018: Hyderabad centre closed due to general election in state:

    Kindly be informed the Hyderabad Visa Application Centre will remain closed on 07 December 2018 due to the State election. Please plan your visa submissions accordingly

    22 November 2018: Proof of Residence

    Dear Applicants/Travel Agents/Representatives please be informed that proof of residence is required only for those applicants who are not resident in the Consulate’s jurisdiction.

    22 November 2018: Verify correctness of visa

    Dear Applicants/Travel Agents and Representatives you are asked to verify carefully the correctness of the personal data and VISA details on receiving the passport back from the Italian Consulate.

    In case of any discrepancies, the you may immediately submit the original passport to the Consulate General in order to make the necessary correction.

    31 October 2018: Kindly be informed, with effect from 01 November 2018 , students applying for Declaration of Value (DOV) are required to sign the declaration on the protection of personal data related to issuance of their DOV.

    16 October 2018 : Dussehra holiday on 18 October 2018  for the courier company

    Kindly be informed there will be no courier delivery on 18 October 2018 on account of the festival of Dussehra. Applications submitted in Ahmedabad,Goa,Pune,Bangalore,Chennai,Cochin and Hyderabad can expect a one day delay in applications being submitted at the Consulate and similarly passports received from the Consulate on 18th will also be dispatched on the following day.

    16 August 2018: Cochin centre closed due to adverse weather conditions:

    Kindly be informed the Cochin Visa Application Centre will remain closed on 17 August 2018 due to adverse weather conditions. Please plan your visa submissions accordingly.

    25 July 2018 : International Polio Vaccination Certificate:

    Applicants who come from Afghanistan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syrian Arab Republic - both residents of the aforementioned countries and persons who have stayed there for more than four weeks - must be in possession of the international polio vaccination certificate attesting that they got vaccinated against polio between 4 weeks and 12 months prior to travel date.

    The submission of the aforementioned document in the Visa application for Italy is an additional eligibility requirement both for issuing the Visa and crossing the external borders.

    02 July 2018 : Dear Applicants/Travel Agents and Representatives:

    Kindly be informed, w.i.e, applicants applying for a visa to Italy are required to sign the declaration on the protection of personal data related to issuance of visa. Click here

    16 March 2018 : Dear Applicants/Travel Agents and Representatives:

    Kindly be informed that with effect from 19 March 2018, for security purposes, it is mandatory to book an appointment in advance in order to be allowed inside a VFS office for submitting a visa application for Italy.

    Appointments can be booked 24 hours prior to the date of submission. This applies to all categories of visas.

    We strongly recommend planning your travel well in advance and booking a suitable appointment accordingly.


    |Appointments can be scheduled anytime upon reservations made up to 24 hours prior to the required date, both on line or by calling the following number: 022-67866004

    08 December 2017:Please find the below categories which qualify for a  Gratis Visa (Visa fees exempted). VFS service charges   will be applicable.

    1. Minors aged Under 6 Years.
    2. ICTP Abdus Salam.
    3. Mission Visas To Participate in Seminars, Conferences, Organised by representatives of FAO, IFAD,United Nations,
    4. Study Visas Of Short Durations (E.G. SISSA, ELETTRA SINCROTONE, ETC) and Accompanying Adults for Minors who are travelling on short duration study Visa
    5. Indian Relatives of Italian/SEE/EU Citizens (Valid only for Spouses, Children, Parents & Grandparents Only (Does not Include Siblings and relatives.)
    6. Scientific Research (Short Duration)
    04 December 2017 : Dear Applicants/Representatives/Travel Agents

    Applications for ‘Mission’ visas (FAO/IFAD/United Nations) and ‘Re-Entry’ visas in Mumbai should be submitted directly to the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai, with a prior appointment.

    You may write to for an appointment.

    This arrangement is for applications being submitted in Mumbai only. Other VFS centres will continue to accept the above mentioned applications.

    04 December 2017 : Proof of Return to India:

    Applicants who have been asked by the Italian Consulate to present their passport on return have to do so in PERSON. Representatives/travel agents cannot do this on behalf of applicants. Kindly carry your original passport.

    This process can be done at VFS centres in Ahmedabad, Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Hyderabad. For applications submitted in Mumbai, this process needs to be completed directly at the Consular section of the Italian Consulate, Mumbai on working days between 10.00 and 12.00.

    20September 2017 : Minors travelling with either one parent/ third party:
    Kindly note for applications in case of minors travelling with either one parent or a third party, an affidavit signed by the parent/s stating that he/she has no objection to the travel of the minor is required.
    This affidavit has to be notarized and legalized by the competent Home department of the state of residence .

    An alternative option to the above process, parents of the minor can sign a consent form at the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai. Please visit the Consular Section office between 1000 to 1200 on working days . After completion of the process the consent form should be submitted along with the visa application at the respective VFS centre.

    Please carry passports of the parents and minor child(Govt. photo id in absence of parents passport) and child’s birth certificate( All documents in original as well as a photo copy).

    Kindly click on the below link for the address of the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai.

    18 May 2017 : Update on 3 year ITR / Original certificates for Family Joining :
    The Italian Consulate has implemented the following w.i.e.
    Tourist and Business category – Income Tax Returns for last three years are mandatory.
    Family Joining/Accompanying category : Only ‘Original’ Marriage/Birth/Death certificates should be submitted and not ‘True Copies’ (even if the said true copies are legalised, apostilled and translated) .

    20 February 2017 : Tourist / Incentive Group – Declaration format :
    Kindly note with immediate effect for tourist/incentive groups the following declarations are required to be submitted by the Travel Agent/ Corporate House on their letterhead  for every application in the group.
    Tourist Group   – Declaration by TA. Click here
    Incentive Groups – In addition to the declaration by the TA, the corporate house is required to submit this declaration  Click here

    13 December 2016:
    The Government of India has withdrawn with immediate effect (midnight of 08 November 2016) the legal tender character of the existing and any older series banknotes in the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

    VFS will accept Visa fees and VFS logistic charges in all denominations of all notes other than the existing & old high denomination notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 . VFS shall also accept demand drafts favoring VFS Global Services Private limited.

    12 April 2016 : Passports with manual observations

    Dear Applicants / Travel Agents / Representatives

    Kindly note, the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai will not accept any passports with manual observations.

    Applicants in possession of passports with manual observations are requested to apply for a fresh passport prior to applying for their Schengen visas at the Italian Consulate in Mumbai.

    28 January 2016 : Dear Applicants / Travel agents / Representatives

    kindly note effective 01 February 2016, the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai will accept visa applications only when submitted in advance as per below details:

    Business category visa :Business applications submitted in Mumbai should be submitted minimum 3 working days prior to the travel date & in satellite centres in West and South India minimum 5 working days prior to the travel date.

    All other visa categories  : Applications submitted in Mumbai should be submitted minimum 10 working days prior to the travel date & in satellite centres in West and South India minimum 12 working days prior to the travel date.

    Kindly refer to the holiday list and plan your submissions accordingly.

    26 November 2015 – Now Pre Book Additional Services

    General Public is hereby notified that additional services can be pre booked on IVR before visiting the visa application center for their convenience and comfort.

    For more information call : 022-67866028

    07 November 2015: All applicants are required book an appointment online to submit their visa application and Biometric information at the Schengen visa application centre.

    As part of the visa application procedure, from 2 November 2015 applicants will need to provide Biometric fingerprint data along with a digital photograph. If you have temporary injuries on your fingers, applicants are advised to wait until the injuries have healed before you book your appointment. Henna on fingertips may also mean we are unable to get a clear scanned image and should be removed or allowed to fade before your appointment date.

    Before you make an appointment you should carefully read the visa application process available on the website to submit your visa application and supporting documents at the visa application centre.

    If you have missed your appointment on the scheduled day, the system will not allow you to reschedule or cancel and you will require to book a new appointment after 24 hours.

    Please make sure you arrive at the visa application centre 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Applicants are not allowed to be accompanied inside the visa application centre. The only exceptions to this are those accompanying children under 18 years-of-age or applicants who need special assistance for health reasons or disability.

    If you are part of a family or group, each member of the family or group must make an individual appointment. For example, if you are a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 children you must make 4 individual appointments.

    VFS Global appointment system is compatible with most popular browsers. VFS Global will soon introduce appointment scheduling through call Centre for the ease of applicants.

    How to book an appointment

    Please click here to book an appointment online.

    07 November 2015: Change in the visa application submission process - Introduction of the Visa Information System (VIS) on 02 November 2015

    Changes in Schengen visa application process – India

    Visa Information System

    20 February 2015: Effective from 02 March 2015, change in passport collection in West and South India

    Collection of Passports

    With effect from 2 March 2015 The Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai has implemented a change in arrangements for the collection of passport from visa application centres in West & South India. Read more

    09 January 2015: Italy Visa application submission by Travel Agents and Representatives

    Dear Travel Agents / Representatives

    In order to improve the quality of visa applications submitted to the Italian Consulate in Mumbai through its External Service Provider VFS, the Consulate is introducing a registration of travel agents. Starting from the 12 January 2015 only registered travel agents will be allowed to submit applications on behalf of the applicant to any of the eight VFS Italy Visa Application Centres in West and South India. A list of the registered travel agents is available with the Italian Consulate in Mumbai and VFS Italy visa application centres.

    The registration process was started on 01 November and was active till 31 December 2014.

    Travel Agents who have not submitted their registrations are kindly requested to contact the centre manager.

    Representatives coming for submission on behalf of the applicant needs to carry an authorization letter from the applicant along with their own Government photo ID proof.